Friday, August 04, 2006

The Shade of Love

Aim for things, higher and higher,
Let your soul be set on fire,
The goal is not so far as we fear,
As we march, it is getting near.

Make your minds pure in all.
Its the cure for miseries that fall.
Let the light of wisdom glow.
Chase the darkness, to depths down below.

Arise! Oh Ye' soldiers!
Arise for the war, sans bloodshed.
Arise! Oh Ye mighty men,
Arise! for you are called.

Waeve the roof of peace o're the world.
Weave it in a single piece.
We can do the task at ease,
When our clashes come to a cease.

Weave your hearts with threads of love!
Put your minds to the path of love!
Light your souls with the light of love!
Live your life, in the shade of love!