Thursday, May 04, 2006

Where Mysticism and Science Meet

You are in a place, where you will find how the ancient Mysticism would relate to the modern science. This is no spiritual discourse. This is just a narration of the relevance between the two.

The Basics

The people who are oriented towards the ancient Hindu tradition would be able to appreciate a ritual called "Homam" in Sanskrit that would relate to "Sacrifice" in English. With the appreciation, let us have a look at the steps followed. Slowly, when we trail, the relevance and importance would unveil.

The Ritual

This is one of the common rituals, performed by the Hindus.

This has various steps involved in it. This ritual is done, to please a particular God or "Devatha" as known in Sanskrit. This involves chanting the respective "Manthras" or the "Hymns", pertaining to the God. These Manthras are found scattered in the Vedic Scriptures.

This ritual can be performed for various reasons. Specific mantras are advocated for getting specific results.

Getting to the Grounds

Step in the Ritual

The first step would be to collect some water, inside a vessel, called "Kumbam".
This Kumbam will be wound with criss-cross strings of thread, that would follow a peculiar pattern.

Relevance with Science

The Kumbam is to hold the water, which would receive vibrations from the environment.
There is something special to note of this criss-cross pattern, in which the thread is wound around the "Kumba". It is wound in such a way, so as it is spread all around the surface area of the Kumba, so as to distribute equally, the vibrations received, all over the Kumba.

Step in the Ritual

Closing the Kumba with leaves from the Mango Tree and placing a coconut in the middle.

Relevance with Science

It allows the collected vibrations to stay inside the Kumba. Does not allow any external intervention with the energy field, created inside the Kumba.

Step in the Ritual

Chanting of the "Mantras", by learned people. Normally, four to six people perform a ritual. All these must have learnt the Mantras, with proper pronunciations. The Mantras are chanted by the people, seated in a circle, around the Kumba.

Relevance with Science

This is a very important thing. When the Mantras are chanted, according to the specified pronunciations, vibrations are created by the sound waves, emitted in the Air column, and the air column starts to vibrate. These vibrations are so very powerful.

These vibrations get propogated in the Air column and come into contact with the "Kumba" mentioned earlier. The Kumba has criss cross strings, along its surface.

People can recollect their playway experiment in Physics, of making a phone with two match boxes and a string. A thread string conducts the sound waves in a good manner.

Hence, the strings, wound around the Kumba conduct the vibrations, all over the surface of the Kumba. The water, stored inside the Kumba, absorbs the vibrations and gets energized. The mango leaves and Coconut act as an insulation, not allowing the energy to escape.

Thus, the water becomes full of energy, due to the vibrations created by chanting the mantra for the specified occassion. Now, the water contained, will be full of vibrations, that would give the desired results. As a result, the people who happen to use this water, grasp the positive energy, and get benefited from it.

A note to Conclude

This blog aims at making a reader know and appreciate the relevance and the application of Science, in various rituals, defined by the Hindu religion. One example was cited and an attempt was made to convey the idea to the reader. More such narrations are due to come. Hence, keep watching this space.

Signing off.....Bharadhwaj!!